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Starting with flight tickets and hotel reservations and ending with individually planned business trips, our team will carefully consider your company’s needs and offer the most suitable solutions.

Business trips

Corporate events


Business trips

In view of the fact that any company or institution wants to maximally efficiently and expeditiously use financial resources for different kind of business trips, at the same time minimize the time spent on business trips, Fidelior Travel offers corporate clients improved business trips arrangements, carefully scrutinizing their specifics.

By organizing Fidelior Travel business trips, the company gains professional services that understand and value customer preferences and offers the most suitable solutions.


Our team will find and recommend the best and most suitable accommodation options, not forgetting to fit within your budget. It will be at the best price, quality and location of the place.

Transport tickets

The team will also help you to buy any transport tickets. To plan the best route and book tickets for airplanes, coaches, trains and ferries.

Car rental

The team will help you choose and book your car at your destination. Car rental services will be available at the airport or any other place of your choice.


In order to avoid unnecessary emergency situations and expenses related to them during your trip, we offer you to make travel insurance so that you can calmly prepare for your daily plans.


When traveling outside the borders of the European Union, there are countries in need of visas to invade the country. Our team will save you time on the border, as you will have the necessary visa in advance.


Not always a certain destination can be reached by public transport. We can offer you a private transfer service for your chosen destination.

Corporate events

Attending international conferences and exhibitions may definitely inspire a look at work from another perspective. We will arrange for you entrance tickets and accommodation, as well as take care of easy access to the venue.

If you want to update your knowledge at an international conference, write us, our team will help you to apply for participation in the conference and take care of getting to know you.


Thorough business trip planning and the most expedient route development – we are ready to give your knowledge to you both before and during the journey.

Business trip planning

We know how much time can be spent on business trip planning, we will apply for you the best flight times, book a hotel in a convenient place.

Drawing up the best route

Ensure that your journey route is thought of from the point of view of time and that you can make the most of your travel time. We also recommend some tourist attractions worth seeing nearby.

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